Welcome to my family website here you will find information on all the things that interest me. My projects, links to my blogs and mini-sites (plus some odities from around the web that inform or amuse). I hope you find it interesting, please get in touch if we share an interest (especially other Pimblott's).

Family Tree

I have been interested in the Pimblott family tree for many years. During my research I have collected information about a number of different branches (maybe yours). On this site have tried to provide as much information as possible on all of the branches. If you can't find what you are looking for send me an email as I have lots more information than is published here.

If you have any information to add please get in touch


I always have projects on the go, covering a wide range of interests. My interests include learning electronics, Arduino microprocessors and PIC microprocessors. I am currently using these to build a quadcopter (aeroquad), lighting controller and a Dalek amongst other things. All of these are in various stages of completion.

I have a number of websites, Android apps, The Doomometer, Raspberry Pi timelapse software and family tree software.

If any of this interests you have a look.


When I m not trying to finish one of my projects I enjoy power kiting, computer games, surfing the internet, making Sock monsters, walking and getting out and about (oh and real ale!).